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Member Benefits

The Minnesota Independent Scholars' Forum...

  • Organizes programs and lectures by learned scholars who espouse freedom of inquiry and uphold high standards of independent thought.
  • Supports study groups in philosophy, science, the humanities, and other topics, stretching the accepted and confronting doubt.
  • Regularly publishes a journal, Practical Thinking, with articles from independent scholars, organization news, calendar of events, member news, etc.
  • For more information about the journal, contact us.
  • Supports collaboration among scholars who share like interests, particularly through voluntary membership profiles and their private circulation.
  • Maintains a Web page with MISF news.
  • Fiscally supports scholars who apply for outside grants, wherein MISF acts as fiscal agent to administer the grant and follow its progress. For more information about fiscal agency, contact us.
  • MISF promotes liaison with other organizations, to achieve shared goals: