Past Journal Issues

Sep 2010

Practical Thinking, Volume 6, Number 1

Yes, but Is it Health Insurance? (Lee Wenzel)

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Dec 2009

Practical Thinking, Volume 5, Number 2

Art and the Marketplace (Robert Brusic)
Physics Encounters Consciousness (Bill McTeer)
Human Systems Dynamic (Philip Dahlen)
Life After the Bailout (Lucy Brusic)
Book Review (David Juncker):
           Three Cups of Tea: One man's mission to fight terrorism and build nations
           —one school at a time
(Greg Mortenson, 2006)
Book Review (Charles Cubrimi):
           Between (Morgan Grayce Willow, 2009)

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Feb 2009

Practical Thinking, Volume 5, Number 1

What Maps Can Tell Us (Lucy Brusic)
The Minneapolis Sustainable City Project (David Juncker)
Tales of Two ( or Maybe Three) Cities (Joseph Murphy)
John Sloan’s City (Robert Brusic)
The Underground Scholar (Curt Hillstrom)

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Jun 2008

Practical Thinking, Volume 4, Number 2

Fame was not fair to Herbert W. Gleason (Dale R. Schwie)
Reflections from the Wireless Pond (Charles Cubrimi)
Hidden Heroes (Mary Treacy, Rhoda Lewin, David Juncker, Lucy Brusic)
Book Review (Ginny Hansen):
           Riding Shotgun: Women Write About Their Mothers
           (ed. Kathryn Kysar, 2008)
Book Review (Robert Brusic):
            Fiddle Game (Richard A. Thompson, 2008)

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Feb 2008

Practical Thinking, Volume 4, Number 1

The Page and the Screen: A Reflection on Libraries and Their Use (Charles Cabrini)
The Internet Strikes Back (Bill McTeer)
A Timeline of the Growth of the Internet
The Internet: Technological Kudzu (Lucy Brusic)
Henery David Thoreau: His Journey to the Twenty-First Century (David Juncker)

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Jun 2007 Practical Thinking, Volume 3, Number 1

Absolute Truth? (Gene Scapanski)
Case of Recurring Worldviews (Curt Hillstrom)
Authoritive Information in the Information Age (Thomas Eland)
Who Controls Information (Mary Treacy)
History and Hollywood (Robert Brusic)
Afterwords (The Editors)
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Jan 2007

Practical Thinking, Volume 2, Number 2

Rethinking Adult Education in a Pancake World (Terilyn C. Turner)
Globalization: The Next Hot Thing (Paul Chapman)
Globalization: Will it make or break us? (Anne Auten)

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Jun 2006

Practical Thinking, Volume 2, Number 1

Immigration: Arguing Past One Another (Tom Cytron-Hysom)
Immigrant Adults As Learners: Lessons From the Field (Leslie Shore)
Journey to the New World: A Brief History of Jewish Immigrants’ Lives in Minneapolis (Rhoda G. Lewin)
Another Kind of Fusion (David A. Wesley)

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Dec 2005

Practical Thinking, Volume 1, Number 2

The Value of Values, (Roger Sween)
Practical Thinking: Science in Context, (George Anderson)
Theories vs. Hypotheses, Ideas and Opinions:The Role of Scientific Methodology (David F. Junker)
Book Review (Judy Yaeger Jones):
           Arpeggio of Appetite (Judy Yaeger Jones, 2005)

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Jun 2005

Practical Thinking, Volume 1, Number 1

Knowledge and Information in a Media-Saturated World (Tom Eland)
Negotiating the Currents: Reflections on the Role of Religion in Contemporary America (Robert Brusic)
The Sacred in America (Jerry Stein)
Writing on Reading: What might be learned from two books (Roger Sween)
Book Review (Kathie S. Frank):
           Chicago and Illinois: A guide to Sacred Sites and Peaceful Places 
(Marilyn Chiat, 2004)

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