MISF Grant Projects

We Won’t Go! (And We Don’t Want You To Go, Either): Oral History

Minnesota Historical Society
Minnesota Independent Scholars Forum
Project Leader: 
Michael Woolsey
Bid Window: 
Jun 1 2018 to Jun 30 2018
Project Duration: 
Jun 1 2018 to Jul 1 2019
Project Description: 

The purpose of this oral history project is to document the Vietnam War resistor movement in Minnesota. The project will do interviews with people who broke the law, violating the Selective Service Act, in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Among those will be the “Minnesota 8,” the 1970s Selective Service draft board raiders.

Vendor Tasks: 
Oral Historian: background research, final determination of interviewees, final determination of interview topics for each interviewee, development of all question formats, scheduling and doing the interviews, completion of all interview paperwork, and work with the transcriber to c
Estimated Vendor Hours: 
Oral Historian: 10 interviews at 30+ hours of work per interview Transcriber: 10 interviews at 2 hours of work per interview
To submit a bid, contact:: 
Michael Woolsey, mj_woolsey@yahoo.com, 952 937-2546