History Study Group

Curt Hillstrom
Wednesday, March 3, 2021 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
At your location, via

Zoom Link

We will continue discussing the book, 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created, by Charles Mann, by reading Parts Two and Three. 

Previously we spent time examining the worldwide boom in New World tobacco sales, the global spread of malaria into subtropical and even temperate areas, and the huge expansion of slavery, particularly the African slave trade. Now we will go into more detail about the galleon trade between China and Europe, originally of New World silver for silk and porcelain, and the consequences for both areas. 

And we will look at the spread of New World agricultural species like sweet potatoes, corn, and potatoes – accompanied by its pests and diseases – and the profound effects it had on the rest of the world.And then we will spend time on how rubber changed the world, both good and bad. If you find these things interesting, we invite you to join us. If not, maybe you would be happier in another group, like maybe one that counts pretty pebbles.